Green Pastures Series 2013

Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus the Christ.


By now you know The Green Pastures Series is designed to provide an intentional and intensive look at where I feel God is leading us during the ensuing year.  This year God has laid on my heart for us to become Spiritually Lean in 2013, As We Build Our Families For Christ.  With that in mind, after much prayer and meditation God has lead to look intensely into Romans 12:1-2.  I am sure the revelation God has given me will enable you to see the need for us to cut away the fat of our lives and become all the more focused in our walk with God.  We all have distractions and are engaged in activities that inhibit us from attaining our full potential in HIS service.  So let’s walk through the scripture this week and see how through sacrificial living we can become enabled to put God’s will as learned through HIS word to the TEST.

Please join me in constant prayer and consecration as we appeal to God to not only speak but saturate our sanctuary with an even greater anointing this week.  I desire to be all the more used by God.  I want to mature even the more in God.  I want to be a blessing for God to you.  

So come each night expecting a fresh move of God and new insights that will enrich your life as you move through 2013. Finally I remain mighty glad to be your Pastor and I am all the more excited that you are a part of Saint Mark.  

Peace and Love

Terence Renard Gray, Senior Pastor

Saint Mark – Orlando